Superhero Capes Made Out Of Trash Bags

We have the most amazing library in our small town and during the summer they hold themed story times in the park.  Our favorite theme from the summer was “Superhero”.  After the story time ended they had the kids make capes out of trash bags.  My kids have been playing with their capes for weeks.  I decided to spruce them up a bit and instead of them being just a plain old trash bag, I created some coloring pages.  This way they can create their own superhero logos.

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Use a plain trash bag with a drawstring.  Cut the bottom and one of the sides of the bag.  Use the string to tie the “cape” on.  I also have included three different superhero logos for your kids to decorate their capes.  Print the logos on 8.5×11 paper and use double sided tape to attach the logos to the trash bag capes.

Click HERE to download “Super Hero Sign.”

Click HERE to download “Super Hero Coloring Page.”

Click HERE to download “Design Your Own Superhero Logo.”

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