Owl & Eagle Woodland Creature Felt Puppets

Owl & Eagle

Two more felt puppets to add to the woodland creations.  Getting a little tired of the owl craze right now but I couldn’t do woodland themed felt puppets without making one.  I am not going to post step by step directions like I did last time but I do have a few things that you should take note of before you begin.

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  1.  I made all of the owl’s stomach ruffles the same size.  Lay them out on the stomach to see how you would like to space them out.  After you sew or glue them on go ahead and trim the excess ruffles and then sew or glue the stomach to the owl.

  2. Sew or glue the eyes, mouth and stomach on first.  Then attach the two bodies pieces together and remember to leave the bottom open so your hand can fit in it like a glove.  Sew around the outer edge of the wings and then attach the wings on last with hot glue.

  3. There is not any ear pieces but I did sew a triangle shape onto the owl ear.


  1.  Lay out all of the pieces before you begin to make sure everything is lined up correctly.  Start by glueing or sewing the beak, eyes and forehead to the eagles white head.  Glue or sew each of the white head pieces to the two different bodies parts.

  2. Grab the front piece of the eagle and glue or sew on the feet.  I sewed two lines down the front of each foot to separate it into three toes.

  3. Grab the back piece and the feathers.  The tail comes with 5 feathers and a brown oval piece.  Layout the the feathers to make sure they are lined up how you would like them to appear.  I then started on the feathers on the bottom and sewed one line down the first half of the feather in the middle.  Slowly work your way to the top feather.  Then place the brown oval at the top of the five feathers and sew around it.

  4. Attach the two body pieces together.  Remember to leave the bottom open so you can slide your hand in.

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