Free Printable Mermaid Bath Sign

Before parenthood, I thought my kids would love bath time and boy was I wrong!  It has always been a battle for us.  Maybe its because we used to live in the Pacific Northwest and my kids just were not interested in bathing after puddle jumping everyday?  Whatever the reason was, it drove me to search everywhere to find the perfect bath toys for my kids.  Since I have found these toys it has completely changed bath time.  My youngest now runs to the bathroom when we say its time to take a bath.

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My Top 5 Bath Toys

1. Flow N Fill Spout – Three Stackable Cups and Automated Spout by Yookidoo is a favorite. How it works is that it sticks to the side of the tub and pulls water from the bottom of the tub and out the attached spout.  It also comes with cups to catch the water with and the spout rotates around.  This keeps my kids busy the entire bath time.  I am considering buying a second one because my kids love this so much!

2. Boon Building Bath Pipes are a great companion toy to the Flow N Fill Spout or are also great by themselves.  These pipes suction cup to the side of the bath tub.  They can be arranged and rearranged however you want.  You simply pick up water in a cup and dump them down the pipes.  Each pipe is unique and does different things when the water it poured into them.  One of our favorite things to do is to set them up so that is is one continuous water flow from pipe to pipe. 

5. Color Bath Dropz dyes the bath water.  Each container has three different color of bath drops and comes with a guide so you can to create more colors.  It is a great way to teach kids their colors.

Lastly, I created this “Even Mermaids Wash Their Tails” art print for the bathroom reminding my kids that everyone needs to take a bath.  I want to share this free print with you!  All files are copyrighted by Jessie K Design and by downloading any item, you are agreeing to use it for your own personal use.  Please do not distribute any of our files as your own but you may direct others to this post so they can download their own items.

Click HERE to download your free printable Mermaid Sign.

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