Floral Chalkboard Bridal Shower Printables Part B

The best way to help people to start socializing at a shower is to bring out the games and my favorite game is Bridal Shower Mad Libs.  In this game you are helping the bride write her wedding vows.  I would also have everyone take a turn to read their Mad Libs to everyone.  Scroll down to find all of the games available to download.

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Click HERE to download How Well Do You Know The Bride game cards.

Click HERE to download your FREE Disney Love Song game cards.

Click HERE to download He Said She Said game cards.

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Click HERE to download Bridal Shower Bingo cards.

Click HERE to download your Bridal Shower Mad Libs game cards.

Click HERE to download Advice For The Bride cards.

Click HERE to download Movie Love Quotes game cards.

Click HERE to download Scattergories game cards.

Click HERE to download Word Search Puzzle.

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