Best Free Printable 4th of July Decorations

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

4th of July is just around the corner and I am excited to share with you my latest free designs. I had a lot of fun setting up this table and my husband deserves an award for blowing up so many balloons! Read on to learn about printing tips, how I assembled everything and to download your own FREE printable 4th of July decorations.

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The backdrop is 36×48 inches. I printed it at Staples for under $15 which is amazing for a sign this big! I printed it as a colored engineer print which saved a lot of money.

There is about 75 balloons in this installation. I used 12 inch helium quality round balloons made by PartyMate. When blowing up the balloons avoid blowing them up too full. It makes them easier to pop if they are full. Also, blow them up different amounts so that the size varies. I started with larger balloons and then filled in the gaps with the smaller sizes. I used A LOT of masking tape to attach them to the wall and to each other. I loved how it turned out. The balloons really tied everything together and made everything that much more festive.

If you are serving a meal at your party, you will love these activity placemats. These placemats are 11×17 inches. Place them out on the table and include red, blue and silver crayons with the utinsels.

Each flag on the banner is 5×7 inches. The flags come two on a 8.5×11 page for easy printing. I recommend printing them on heavy white cardstock paper. After cutting them, I used mini clothespins to hang them from the twine. You can also punch a hole in the top two corners and put the twine/string through that way if clothespins are not an option.

The cupcake toppers are easy to assemble. Print them out on heavy white cardstock paper, cut out each circle and hot glue a lollipop stick to the back. To save time I used a large 2 inch hole punch to cut each circle. You can also use these circles as party favor gift tags, straw flags and more.

I decided to pass out sparklers and snaps for party favors. I made these sparklers holders to organize the fireworks. They are easy to assemble. After cutting out each rectangle, I then placed a cutting board underneath the favor. I used a razor to cut a slit in the paper above and beneath the red lines. Put the sparklers through the slits to hold them in place. Don’t forget to print on heavy white cardstock paper. You will want a heavier paper weight to make sure the paper won’t tear when you the sparklers in it.

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All files are copyrighted by Jessie K Design and by downloading any item, you are agreeing to use it for your own personal use. Please do not distribute any of our files as your own but you may direct others to this post so they can download and print their own items. Oh, Snap! Tag us on social media with #jessiekdesign.

Water Bottle Labels 8.5×11

Blank 5×7 Cards 8.5×11

Firework Sign 8.5×11

Sparklers Firework Tags 8.5×11

Cupcake Toppers 8.5×11

Banner 8.5×11

Placemat 11×17

Backdrop 36×48

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