11 Non-Candy Valentine Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day is almost here and my kids are already getting excited for their classroom parties. Not only do they love getting treats from their classmates but they also love getting toys and activities.

Skipping the treats this Valentine's Day comes with several perks as well. It's great for kids who have food allergies and many parents appreciate it. Sugary sweet candy only lasts seconds while giving them a Non-Candy Valentine can entertain and last longer.

No matter what reason you are avoiding the sugar gifts, you still need to come up with fun ideas that the kiddos will be excited about and does not take a lot of effort. Most importantly the Classroom Valentines need to have good puns! This collection of Non-Candy Valentine Ideas are unique. Prefect for preschool through elementary-aged kids. The hardest part now is going to be deciding on which idea to print!


Love In The Hair! Scrunchies are big right now with the girls. If you are looking for something to handout to the girls, this is it! It comes in 4 different skin tones which celebrates all of our differences. Assembling them is easy. Just print, cut and place scrunchies on the hair. No taping, glueing or ribbons needed!

Sip, Sip Hooray! It's Valentine's Day! These gift tags create an entire mood for the crazy straws. You will need an X-Acto Knife to cut a small slit on the dotted line for the straw to go through.

You Make My Heart Jump! Jump ropes were purchased from the dollar store to keep the price tag low.

I Mustache You A Question... Will You Be My Valentine? What kid doesn't love wearing fake mustaches? Mustaches came eight in a pack and only cost a couple of dollars per pack.

You Make My Heart Soar! This would also work a great favor or a classroom Valentine's Day party. Make it a game to see whose airplane can go the farthest.

I would have LOVED getting a pair of heart shaped glasses when I was a kid.

Bubbles. Need I say more? Whenever I am at the zoo or a theme park I cringe when I walk pass the bubble wands. My kids always beg to get one. I always say no but they have a nice aunt that purchased them wands last year. Now I tell them you already have one at home. Luckily these gift tags and bubbles won't cost a lot.

What is it about Nose Picking jokes that get kids laughing? These gift tags turns a simple pencil into something a little gross but so funny! Assembling is easy, after you cut the tags out use a hole punch to cut a hole in one of the nostrils and put the pencil through the hole. I also like to put a piece of tape on the back to hold the gift tag in place.

I Think Your Dino-Mite! There is nothing romantic about dinosaurs which makes this a great gift for boys who hate anything that has to do with love.

Let your classmates know just how "Purrfect" they are with Cat Valentines. The gift tags pair nicely with a stuffed animal or a piece of jewelry with a kitten on it.

A word search could be used as a gift or an activity at a Valentine's Party. Simply download and print.

My favorite part about these printable gift tags is how easy it is. It is so easy, I think I will never go back to taking a traditional casserole over to their home. If you end up using these printables, I would love to see it! Tag us on Instagram using #jessiekdesign.

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